3. i 5.11.2021. | 21H

The play "Vitača" is motivically based on the novel "Landscape Painted with Tea" by Milorad Pavić. The supporting female heroine Vitača was taken as the backbone of the play about women's heritage. "Vitača" deals with the issue of the tradition of femininity and femininity in relation to all other socio-physical parameters - falling in love, marriage, erotic experience, birth and death. Two actresses (Lela Margitić and Sara Stanić) are looking for an identity independent of generational heritage.

Performed by: Lela Margitić and Sara Stanić

Directing and dramatization: Sara Stanić

Dramaturgy: Kristina Kegljen

Stage movement: Maja Marjančić

Project collaborator: Hana Veček

Design: Luka Borčić

Music: Nenad Kovačić

Production: Art organization Thearte, Hana Zrnčić Dim and Ana Sikavica

Image recording and editing: Karla Budišćak

Sound editing: Tihomir Vrbanec

Tickets can be booked/reserved via e-mail:

Entrance is possible only with prior reservation due to the limited number of seats in the audience. The ticket price is 50 kn for students and retirees, and 70 kn for everyone else.

Acknowledgments: Urania, Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, Ribnjak Youth Center.

The play lasts for 55 minutes.

It is performed in Urania, Kvaternikov trg 3/3.