ISKRA collective x Urania: Collective tendencies/Rural realities

July, 4th 2024 | 7 PM


ISKRA Collective is a multidisciplinary and international collective of young professionals and enthusiasts who place great importance on self-expression, intergenerational dialogue, and share common interests in themes such as sustainability, tradition, innovation, rural and urban life, local and global perspectives, specificity, and universality.

On Thursday, July 4th, at 7 PM in Urania - Space of Creation, they will hold a lecture on the topic "Collective Tendencies/Rural Realities" where they will vividly, concisely, and expertly depict life in Pokupsko. The lecture will be interactive, allowing visitors to receive an ISKRA Passport in which they will choose a micro-location and answer questions regarding their own thoughts on the identity of the place, heritage, and traditions with which they have a special connection, just as ISKRA has with Pokupsko.

By opening a dialogue, knowledge exchange is facilitated, which is the core of the collective itself. They wish to share their energy and creativity with visitors and showcase unique stories and identities of traditional and sustainable ways of life.

We invite you to join us for this unique lecture and journey that will enrich your cultural and creative expression. The number of seats is limited, so please reserve your place here.