Urania: QUEER MoMENTI | Rocky Horror Picture Show

Thursday and Friday, 17th & 18th Dec 2020 | 20H

On 17th and 18th December at 8 pm in Urania - space of creation, as part of the Queer MoMenti program, we are showing the cult film "Rocky Horror Picture Show."

Seeking help in the woods for their car trouble, Brad / played by Barry Bostwick / and Janet / played by Susan Sarandon / wander into the castle of transvestite Dr. Frank-N-Furter / played by Tim Curry /. The initially unsuccessful film adaptation of the popular British theatrical musical, directed by Jim Sharman, soon became a sociological and film phenomenon, as well as one of the most famous cult films in film history.

The film, whose cast consists largely of members of the original theatrical cast, was shot in the studios of the British company Hammer Films. For that purpose, the scenery and numerous props from the earlier horror films of the mentioned company were recycled. Special effort was put into unusual costumes designed by Sue Blane, which anticipate punk fashion. The film also stands out by provocatively, subversively dealing with the topic of sexuality by portraying trans and bisexual characters. 

The Rocky Horror Picture Show was shown as a so-called midnight movie at the Waverly Theater, with an address in New York's bohemian neighborhood of Greenwich Village. Sharman’s work soon gained popularity among a smaller but a fanatical number of fans who ritually come to screenings, publicly chant replicas from the film, dress as characters, and perform dance and music points on seats or stage. Over time, the phenomenon spreads to other American cities, and watching the film turns it into a collective ritual.

Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975.); SAD/Vel. Britanija; colour, 100 min.; 20th Century Fox; director: Jim Sharman; writer: Jim Sharman, Richard O’Brien, according to the play of the same name by Richard O’Briena; dop: Peter Suschitzky; music: Richard O’Brien; starring: Tim Curry (dr. Frank-N-Furter), Susan Sarandon (Janet Weiss), Barry Bostwick (Brad Majors), Richard O’Brien (Riff Raff), Jonathan Adams (dr. Everett Von Scott), Patricia Quinn (Magenta), Peter Hinwood (Rocky Horror), Meat Loaf (Eddie).

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