PLAY HARMS ili sasvim obične besmislice

30.6.2021. | 20H

Daniil Harms lived in the first half of the twentieth century and tragically ended his life in 1942. He was a satirist of the early Soviet era. He used a surreal and absurd style in his writing. He was born as Danil Ivanovic Juvacov, the pseudonym Harms he gave himself in high school. He did not gain fame during his lifetime, and most of his works were published in secret as self-published. During the occupation of Leningrad in 1941, he was arrested for the second time for expressing defeatism. He died of starvation in prison on February 2, 1942.

Although his life was not easy, in fact very difficult and tragic, Harms created works that forever marked the literature of that time! Harms' short prose, written mainly during the 1930s, represents the pinnacle of world avant-garde literature.

"I'm only interested in nonsense, that's the only thing that has no practical significance." - exclaimed Harms! His works, observations are distinctly subjective, caricatured, complemented by fantasy with a special emphasis on absurdity and nonsense. His letter captivates with its sharp black humor as well as its eternally fresh, childishly astonishing view of the world. To a world that persistently resists common sense.

In the year of absurdity, nonsense, and bizarreness, the KNAP Theater in Zagreb decided to stage a play based on the texts of Daniil Harms, about this very nonsense, absurdity, and bizarreness. The pandemic, earthquakes, floods, and all the insane circumstances that turned our lives upside down exposed all the absurdity of the system and put numerous question marks in front of ordinary people.

The pre-premiere of the play is scheduled for June 30 at 20 o'clock in Urania - the space of creation, Kvatrenik Square 3/3.

Tickets are available here.