Virginia Woolf | Soba za poglede/Room for a view, monodrama

31.5.2021. | 20H

Monodrama 'Room for a view' based on the short story 'The New Dress' by Virginia Woolf is a play about the observed exposed to the views of others who are not always quiet and considerate.

The widespread and extremely unpopular phenomenon of anxiety and shame, elements of social phobia as a consequence of disregard in dominant social patterns at events that we often pay more attention to than they deserve, are intriguing points in a world full of happenings and events where everything is predetermined and articulated.

In a completely moving way, the story deals with the inner unstable life of a fragile, socially (not)engaged, timid and isolated individual. The heroine Mabel Waring, who, with a seemingly irrelevant event of going to a party in a social circle she doesn't belong to, tries to break the cycle of insecurity and unrest she feels in front of other people.

She wants to work on her (un)sociability. Faced with the consequence of her choice, shy and almost mute from focusing on her shortcomings and overburdened by the impression she leaves on others, she fails to engage in the general sequence of the evening. But that by no means means that her effort has not paid off.

From the media:

'Room for a view' deserves constant playing terms and a repertoire in one of our theatres, while I would like to meet actress Ivana Buljan Legati in many character roles: from Medea and Fedra to Beckett and Krleža rolls. Our theatre scene deserves actresses who do their job not by grinning on soap operas and fashion runways, but in passionately reflecting on the complete chaos of humanity. Provided that she retains the audacity of the unconventionality sown here, Ivana Buljan Legati is certainly at the beginning of a provocative career as an actress with a 'rebel' authors' expression. Nataša Govedić, Novi list

Fifty minutes filled with a brave and emotional performance of this challenging piece proved to be a perfect theatre choice at a time when such topics are more current than ever. As well, excellent music background, signed by Ivanka Mazurkijević and Damir Martinović Mrle, gives dramatic character at crucial moments. Tportal

The play won 2 awards for the best performance of a monodrama, one at the international BEFEMON monodrama festival in Vojvodina and second at MONOAKT in Kosovo.

Admission is possible only with prior reservation by e-mail:, with the subject of the e-mail "Reservation: Virginia Woolf | View Room / View Room, monodrama" due to the limited number of seats in public.

Reserved tickets are picked up half an hour before the performance on the day of the performance at a price of 50 kn for students and pensioners / 70 kn for everyone else.