Thinking about architecture at Urania - space of creation

At the space of creation Urania, located in the former cinema Partizan/Urania, apart from our new office, we wanted to create a place that would bring architecture closer to a wider audience. Designated as a space for exhibitions, lectures and various events open to the general public that, we believe, will become a gathering and activation point of this part of the city.

Soon, we are preparing some inspirational programs to brainstorm architecture together.


photo: Unsplash

Utorak, 2. 2. 2021.

Creative Minds: Ivan Rupnik | MOD X - knowledge management and exchange platform

Thursday, 11.2. | 17:30H

MOD X is a knowledge management and exchange platform that supports structural change in the construction industry as it shifts to a more industrialized and offsite means and methods.