Laboratory: Sad Songs for Happy Encounters

Thursday, 5th November 2020 | 8 pm

Laboratory: Sad Songs for Happy Encounters is a new documentary-engaged production of the art organization Arterarij and an authorial project by actor and director Romano Nikolić.

The fundamental thematic framework of the play is the question of loss, and the ways, rituals and procedures we deal with it as human beings.

The play will perform on November 5th in Urania - space of creation, at 8 pm.

Throughout life, we face loss in different ways. We often lose much material, albeit unimportant, items. Sometimes we also lose social, economic, health or emotional security. Ultimately, we always face the loss of people close to us, or the loss of ourselves - through the severance of relationships, and death.

This play brings an uncompromising exposure of the author and actresses as performers, but also as private people whose confrontation with the loss and death of loved ones is as imperfect, deep, unstable, dynamic and long-lasting, as in all of us.

Observing the issue of loss as an integral part of our lives, this theatrical play seeks to foster a natural confrontation with the difficult, removed, socially camouflaged, censored or deliberately repressed, within and around us.

We have before us a very current piece whose basic framework and the goal is to provide and build empathy at a time when we, more than ever before are aware of 'loss' as a necessary part of life on an intimate, private, public, local-collective, and global level.

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