No One Belongs Here More Than You | monodrama

Friday, October 23 | 8 pm

The heroine of this drama recalls wittily and self-ironically the seemingly bizarre and unimportant situations that arose in her constant effort to overcome loneliness and separation from the world.

Although she feels like an extra in her own life, she finds all the tricky ways to fit in by going to a romance class, holding swimming lessons in her kitchen, flirting with female friendship. She successfully blends humour and pathos, through dance and song she talks about all the issues wittily, finding joy and a place in the world that is right for her, right there.



The play is for all age groups, "from students to retirees." And especially to those sensitized to the women's issues of today's society.

An honest and open approach to the problem of loneliness, a problem not taken seriously enough, seeks to encourage the audience to discuss and react.


  • Bruna Bebić - director
  • Vanja Matujec - actress and author of dramatization
  • Tatjana Aćimović - producer
  • Zdravka Ivandija Kirigin - scenography and costumes
  • Max Juričić ‘Plesač Sporog Stepa’ - music
  • Saša Mondecar - light design

MIRANDA JULY, acclaimed American director, actress, screenwriter, performer, writer and multimedia artist.

She won over film audiences with her directorial debut ‘You and Me and Everyone I Know’, which won the Palme d’Or at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival. With her debut collection of short stories ‘No One Belongs Here More Than You’ in 2007, Miranda July won prestigious awards for short prose. It is this collection that is the inspiration for the theatrical play No One Belongs Here More Than You.

VANJA MATUJEC, an actress of the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb, is also the author of the dramatization. She has played about a hundred roles with Croatian National Theatre, as well as with the acting company Histrion, the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, the Theater ITD, etc.

She has been awarded many times for her work:

  • Mila Dimitrijeveć Award for the best roles in ‘Osman’ and ‘Kazimir and Karolina’, HNK Zagreb
  • Satire Days Award for ‘The End of the Week’ and ‘Greatest Hits’
  • Award at the Actors Festival for the role in the play ‘Intimacy’

She has starred in numerous films, TV series, and is known to a wider audience for her role in the TV series ‘Forbidden Love’. She is currently performing in the hit plays ‘Who Sings Doesn’t Think Evil’, ‘Wax People’, ‘Your Every Birthday’, ‘Fabulous'.


Ticket price: 60 kn