Urania: QUEER MoMENTI | My Name Is Clitoris

Daphne Léblond & Lisa Billuart Monet | Belgium | 2019. | 80'

Sunday, June 28th at 8 pm.

Documentary My Name Is Clitoris is a dialogue between young women about female sexuality. Addressing the subject with freedom, courage and humour, they share their stories and experiences with the desire to change the world around them and to assert their right as women to an informed sexual education, free of constraints and taboos.

Twelve young women in their rooms, facing the camera, address the two women directors in search for the most intimate answers. They remember the first sensations, the hazardous explorations, the conversations in the dark and the unexpected obstacles. All are moved, each in their own way, by the same impulse: the quest for a fulfilling, free and egalitarian sexuality.


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Directors: Lisa Billuart Monet & Daphné Leblond

Director of Photography: Lisa Billuart Monet

Sound: Daphne Leblond

Editor: Lydie Wisshaupt-Claudel

Sound & mix editor: Pierre Dozin

Music: Thibaud Lalanne

Festivals and awards: Magritte du cinéma 2019 (best documentary), FIFF Namur 2019, Doc Leipzig 2019, International Jean Rouch Festival 2019, Pink Screens 2019, Franzsösiche Filmtage 2019, Ramdam Festival 2019.

Subtitles: HR

Ticket price: 20 kn

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Film screening and presentation were realized with the help of LELO.

Photo: Nina Đurđević (Ponosni Zagreb)