Positively Different Short Film Festival

19.3.2023 | 19h

Positively Different Short Film Festival

Gender, sexuality, race, class, ethnicity, religion, able-bodiedness – are influences of our present and future, life prospects and obstructions. Shedding light on life paths of “others” – often through realism and humor and other times through abstraction and experimentation – Positively Different Short Film Festival aims to act as a reference point for raising awareness with regards to intersectionality and discrimination, providing a safe space for co-creation and networking.

PDSFF23: Resistances​

PDSFF23 – Resistances, 16 – 19 March 2023, Athens (main event), Istanbul, Belgrade, Nicosia, Sofia, Zagreb, Dakar (simultaneous screenings of awarded films).

PDSFF loves twists! This year, the festival grows and transforms into a trans-local cinematic space of creation and resistance with parallel screenings in Athens, Istanbul, Belgrade, Nicosia, Sofia, Zagreb, Dakar. We create a new space where we can be together in all our diversity: safe and brave at the same time.

The curatorial team of PDSFF23 divides 37 short films from 17 countries into seven narrative sets. Each set reflects concerns, ideas and explorative attempts to understand better the different worlds we live in and the ones we wish to create. The festival selection looks holistically and critically into the concept of intersectionality; the sets examine its entangled nature and its limits in relation to universal assumptions – the concepts of body, space, boundaries – but also realities that we constitute – relationships, communities, everyday life. The screening program is complemented by discussions, music and multimedia performances.

This year’s finalists will compete for four awards – Jury Award, Audience Award, Best Greek production, Curatorial team award – accompanied by cash prizes in an effort to provide practical support to creators.

Entrance for the screening 19.3.2023. at 19H is free!