Questo è stato | literary recital with Sabrina Modenini

27.1.2023. | 21H

The actress tells a painful story.

The drama of a Jewish family before racial laws.

Five very long years lived in a nightmare.

Time passes without hope for tomorrow, for the future. Piera Sonnino, the only survivor from a large Jewish family, gathered courage and told her own drama, a nightmare that unfolds in all its brutal drama after September 8, 1943.

Protected by the solidarity and humanity of ordinary people, the family decides to stay united rather than split up in search of salvation across the Swiss border. Arriving in Auschwitz, she sinks into a "sea of ​​mud. Into cold, dark, muddy madness." And that's where the tragedy happens.

This work aims to be a meditative testimony about the life lived in the Auschwitz concentration camp. Seventy years have passed since the liberation of the concentration camp, but the horror of what the Russians found remains forever. The genre of the play is attributed to narrative theater, while through life testimonies we arrive at an imaginative and emotional staging. From time to time, the actress switches from the role of narrator to the role of different characters in the story.


Based on the book of the same name by Pierre Sonnino.

Producer: Enrico Carretta

Director: Andrea de Manincor

In Italian with Croatian subtitles.

Organizer: Italian Institute of Culture in Zagreb

Entrance is free, but due to the limited number of places, please reserve your seat via link.