The Gentleman with Coffee and Cigarettes

17. & 18.2.2023 | 21H

We are pleased to announce that The Gentleman will hold two concerts called "The Gentleman with Coffee and Cigarettes" on February 17th and 18th in Urania - space of creation. It is a performance where the audience will have the opportunity to hear songs from both albums released so far; "The Gentleman" and "Hide & Seek".

Behind the pseudonym, The Gentleman hides Marko Lucijan Hraščanec, a trained and talented musician who with his debut album "The Gentleman" showed an exceptional breadth of his musical expression and an enviable skill of metaphorizing in lyrics and music. There are a total of eight songs on the album "Hide & Seek". The Gentleman is the author of the music and lyrics for most of them, except for "Body or Soul" for which the lyrics were written by Mrs. Dulovsky. The arrangements for three songs from the album were written by jazz musician Lana Janjanin, for whom this is her first collaboration with The Gentleman. The album "Hide & Seek" is characterized by very personal lyrics, sumptuous arrangements of string and brass sections, and very unexpected genre reversals that will not leave listeners indifferent.

At the concert in Urania, the audience can expect The Gentleman's emotional vocal performances accompanied by six great musicians who will join him on stage.

This will be The Gentleman's most intimate concert to date, the audience will be fused with the performer.

You can buy tickets via the link.