Matej Jurčević: I try to take care of myself now

17.2.2022. | 19 H

We invite you to the promotion of Matej Jurčević's photo book I try to take care of myself now, which will take place on February 17, 2022. at 7 p.m. at the Urania.

Artist Matej Jurčević and curator Lea Vene will speak at the promotion. The book was realised within the project Organ Vida Publishing, and it was designed by Dario Dević. I try to take care of myself now is the result of many years of self-reflective project that monitors the fight against depression and seeks possible ways of visual and textual representation of different mental state experiences. Visually contrasting narratives speculate about the self-awareness processes and the experienced ups and downs and catharsis. Artistic research also opens up space for public debate on the mental health of young people and reducing stigma.

The book will be available for purchase at a promotional price of HRK 100, while in the free sale it can be purchased at a price of HRK 150.

OV publishing started in 2017 in order to support artistic authorial projects in the form of a photo book. The book Grad by Borko Vukosav is the first in a series of books published by OV Publishing in 2018, followed by the book Fake it until you make it by Igor Ilić, published in 2019.

Matej Jurčević (1995) graduated in photography from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASKA) in Antwerpen. He is the recipient of the VID Grant Award from the VID Foundation for Photography for encouraging the development of projects that address relevant social issues in the Balkans. In his artistic practice, he explores the structures of identity, memory and contemporary youth culture.


Matej Jurčević, I try to take care of myself now
OV publishing 2021.
Photographic Association Organ Vida, Zagreb, 2021.
Text: Matej Jurčević
Design: Dario Dević
Proofreading: Veronika Mesić
Print run: 200 pcs
Print: Kerschoffset

Entrance to the promotion only with Covid passport.

The project is supported by the City Office for Culture of the City of Zagreb, the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia and Urania - space of creation.