Emotional Labor Queen 'Prosperity, Luck, and Abundance – Yes to Claim' | 12th Organ Vida

1.7.2022. | 17H

Prosperity, Luck, and Abundance – Yes to Claim is an interactive installation conceptualized as a guided path followed by the sound of positive affirmations. The path follows a sacred pattern that unlocks hidden magical components within each and every individual following its route. This process is turned into ritual by physically engaging in the sacred pattern. Moving one’s body, surrendering to the divine and receiving and claiming the gifts offered along the path promises great transformation and bountiful blessings.

Cleo Kempe Towers, also known as Emotional Labor Queen, is a Berlin-based artist, writer and Jewitch. Towers works through power dynamics, ritual obsession, femme survival and astrological healing. Through installation, poetry and fabric, Towers aims to create a vessel, a space, an energetic field, a promise, or a lie.

Towers produces a podcast called Emotional Labor Queen, which focuses on queer-to-queer healing and all your matters of the heart.

Admission is free.

Curators: Barbara Gregov, Lovro Japundžić, Lea Vene.
Design: Alma Šavar
Public relations: Inesa Antić
Translation: Petra Lučić
Photographer: Samir Cerić Kovačević
Hospitality: Margareta Šarkanji
Acknowledgments: Vesna Meštrić (MSU)

The program is supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, City of Zagreb - City Office for Culture, Zagreb Tourist Board
Media partners: Vizkultura, Kulturpunkt.hr, Grazia, Elle, R+