Unaesthetik Pop Up

6.7.2021. | 17 - 20H

Manual deconstruction of knitwear as the basic guiding thread remains the main inspiration when creating each new unique piece that creates units that can be called collections.

That is why we are very pleased to announce that on Tuesday, 06.07. from 17:00H Urania - the space of creation is hosting a pop up exbition: unaesthetik.

With the desire to move as far away from tedious uniformity as possible, unaesthetik creates pieces that know no boundaries of gender, trend or season but softly wrap the silhouette with endless styling possibilities. As several days of handwork were spent on making each piece, unaesthetik fully follows the slow fashion concept.

Contempt for labels of any kind results in their complete absence, and each piece is, when possible, personalized with the hand-embroidered initials of the future owner.

Entrance is free, but the number of visitors is limited due to the epidemiological measures in force. We kindly ask visitors to adhere to epidemiological measures.